Saturday, April 7, 2007

We can't wait till tomorrow!!!

The baskets are decorated and filled with coloured eggs, little dresses and hats are laid out on chairs, tiny pairs of shoes have been shined up...

"Do we have any carrots to leave out for the Bunny?" Child Number Two asked.
"Um.... I think we're going to have to put out parsley, instead, the Guinea Pigs polished off the carrots last night," I informed her.
"Well, that's okay... EVERYBODY leaves carrots. He can see in the dark just fine. He'd be happy to have a change, right Mum?"
"I suppose so," I mused.

"I gots the biggest Easter basket, so I'm getting the most chocolate, right Mum?"
"I don't THINK it works that way..." I said.
Child Number Two thought for a minute.
"Well, IF IT DOES work that way, I'M getting the MOST!!"

It's going to be one Sugar-High of a weekend, folks...

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