Friday, April 20, 2007

Gots a QUING, Mum?

This morning, over juice (for her) and very strong coffee (for me), I spent about an hour trying to teach my two year old how to play the card game, "Go Fish". She has been DYING to play cards with me, ever since she saw her older sisters playing a rollicking (and sometimes vicious) game of "Uno" several weeks ago...

While I was hurriedly searching through the top drawer of my desk this morning, looking for a piece of paper for my husband (a document I was certain didn't actually exist, but it was easier to look for it than to fight about it), Child Number Three toddled up and discovered a tiny pack of playing cards that I have had since I was a child, tucked underneath all the other junk.

Well, we spread them ALL out on the table. And she solemnly divided them into three groups-- one for her, one for me, and one for the "pile". I started asking her for numbers, showing her the cards and indicating what each of the numbers looked like. She, of course, denied having any of them, and I had to root through the "pile" till I found them.

Then, it was her turn to do the asking.

"Do you have any BIRDS?" she queried.

She was, as it turned out, holding her cards up backwards, so the decorative pattern of a little sparrow was showing on every single one.

"Yes!!" I replied, time and again, as she cleaned out my first hand. She was delighted, and giggled appreciatively.

After that, I straightened her cards around and tried again to show her the numbers and teach her a thing-or-two. Unfortunately, all that she seemed to absorb was the idea that the face cards were different.

"Gots a QUING, Mum?" she squealed.

"Quing? Hmmm... Well, I've got a couple of queens AND a king, so I guess you should have them all, right?"

"YES!! I WIN, right Mum?"

She wins...

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