Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Getting Ready for School"

Tuesday morning, 8am. Children are supposed to be upstairs brushing teeth, washing faces and doing hair. Mother is downstairs in the kitchen, frantically attempting to take a stab at cleaning up the breakfast rubble, while at the same time packing lunches, checking emails and putting on her makeup.

A squabble breaks out on the upper floor...

Child Number One: MOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!

Mother: (wearily) Yes?

Child Number One: This little CREEP has been in the bathroom just running the water and pouring soap down the drain for the past FIFTEEN MINUTES!!!

Mother: (clearly onto her) How do YOU know? What have YOU been doing for the past fifteen minutes?

(Squabbling abruptly stops)

Mother: (quietly satisfied) Ex-aaaaaaaact-ly...

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