Sunday, April 15, 2007

Mother Among Mothers, Goddess Among Goddesses...

What the world needs now... is more women like June Callwood. She was Mighty, all right-- a Mother in every sense of the word, and not just to her own four children, but to ALL peoples' children: the impoverished, the abandoned, the sick... Whenever she heard of a good cause that needed support, she'd simply say, "Sign me up!" And immediately, she'd set to work trying to right the wrongs, and fill the gaps that she saw in our society.
Her life was far from easy. She had a difficult childhood, and left school to take her first job at a newspaper at 15. Most difficult of all, she endured the ultimate hardship: losing a child, her youngest son, Casey, in a drunk driving accident when he was only 20. The idea of outliving my children is absolutely unfathomable to me... but again, June led by example, summoned all of her strength and courage, and soldiered on. She founded "Casey House", Toronto's first AIDS hospice, named it for her son, and began supporting and caring for AIDS patients (and their families) at a time when the disease was still "taboo" in this country. She also founded "Digger House" in 1967, as safe housing for hippies (her eldest son was one of them), as well as "Jessie's House for Teenagers", "Nellie's" women's shelter... The list of causes that she championed is nothing short of staggering.
Where did a woman who was a busy wife, mother of four and career woman find all of that extra time and energy to do so much GOOD? This is an important question, people. It is one that we must all ask ourselves... because now that June Callwood is gone, we've got some pretty big shoes to try and fill here on this earth. Perhaps if we all make an effort to do just a little bit more with our lives... to reach out just a little bit more to people in need... Maybe as a GROUP we can carry on one Goddess' great legacy.
"If any of you happens to see an injustice, you are no longer a spectator, you are a participant. And you have an obligation to do something."
--June Callwood

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