Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Renewing my faith that Spring WILL come...

Thank. God.

Just when I was absolutely CERTAIN that we would be doomed to psychotic, Siberian-type weather patterns for the remainder of 2007, the sun FINALLY decided to show itself today.

And with the sun came my friend the robin.

It never fails. Whenever I'm feeling particularly low, a robin shows up and renews my faith. Today, he was all puffed up in my birdbath, and he made sure I was watching him through my kitchen window, gave me a particularly HARD stare, and then began the intricate, shivery little "dance" that birds do when they're trying to get clean. Actually, I'm not all that sure that the objective of cleanliness is the MAIN reason, because to me, it just looks FUN. Fun, and silly. My absolute favourite combination.

Thank God. It might just be spring after all.

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