Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Rules at Our House...

No jumping ON the furniture.

No jumping OFF of the furniture.

No cartwheeling down the stairs.

No dancing on the pool table.

No brain stem injuries.

No subdural hematomas.

Only one kid in the bathroom at any one time.

Vaseline is NOT hair gel.

Try three bites before you can be excused.

Don't eat the play dough.

No barfing.

Clean up what you mess up.

See a void, and fill it.

No using Adult Words... However, Mummy has a degree in English... and if SHE decides to use an Adult Word, then it is the RIGHT word for the circumstance. Don't be questioning it, just run and take cover.

Last but not least:

Be Kind. Or Else.


rev. shawn said...

I particularly like the second from last ...

Kristy said...

That is a great list, I may have to add a few of those to mine!

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