Thursday, April 26, 2007

Okay now I've seen everything... I think.

My kids are going CRAZY over their new musical toothbrushes.

Okay, people, NOW I've seen everything!! A MUSICAL TOOTHBRUSH??!

I'm not kidding. The dentist recommended them. They are an electric toothbrush that plays music for two minutes, indicating how long a person should be brushing their teeth... especially useful for kids who use the "quick swish" method, rather than giving their teeth a thorough cleaning. The music also amuses the two-year-old, and makes her stand still and open her mouth long enough for me to do a decent job on her, for once in her short life!!

Interestingly, the music is not loud enough for innocent bystanders (or sleeping siblings) to hear. As you see above, the music reaches the ear via vibrations that are passed through the teeth and jawbone. It's quite amazing, actually-- my kids happily listen to the Pussycat Dolls, Smashmouth and the Village People after every meal... and sometimes even MORE often. The six year old toted her toothbrush down to the family room this afternoon...

Mother: What are you doing with your toothbrush?? Please put it back in the bathroom.

Child Number Two: Aaaawwww... I just wanted to listen to some MUSIC...

Mother: Hey, remember the CD player? Listen to THAT, instead, and put your toothbrush away, please.

These kids are having SO much fun with their oral hygene, I'm starting to wish that Toothbrush Tunes would come out with one that plays my current favourite band, OK GO. But, as my husband reminded me last night, we have already spent a small fortune on the electric toothbrush the dentist talked me into purchasing for myself LAST year... It doesn't have tunes, but it does have a little timer that sends a jolting vibration into my mouth every minute or so, reminding me to "change quadrants", and start brushing the other sections of my mouth. How anally retentive is THAT?! I tend to use it more to help jolt me awake in the morning, rather than to guide me in the art of tooth-brushery.

Now, if they could invent a musical DENTAL FLOSS... THAT would be great. If there's one routine I HATE, but perform grudgingly every evening, it's flossing. Flossing to "Here I Go Again" by OK GO, however... Now THAT I could manage.

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