Monday, April 30, 2007

Today in the garden...

Frank's back, everybody!!

Today, the weather was so perfect, the two littlest girlies and I sallied forth into the garden to begin the Big Clean-Up. And with us, came Frank. That's what we call our little statue of St Francis, who winters in the basement, but every spring is placed gently in the flowerbeds where all the resident critters can admire him.

I even bought myself a gorgeous new stainless steel gardening fork for the occasion. It's a wonderful tool-- sharp as a knife, with an special padded "ergonomic" handle. My wrists and elbows feel great after an afternoon of digging, but my back is killing me!! It was worth it, though-- digging in my garden is the ultimate tranquillizer... I feel better, I sleep better, and hey, it's cheaper than therapy!!

Welcome, spring. And welcome back, Frank, we missed you.

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