Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Easter Bunny had better be a Snowshoe Hare...

By golly, the Easter Bunny had BETTER be a Snowshoe Hare... or at least know how to get AROUND in snowshoes... The temperature here dropped like a bomb during the night, and my girls and I awoke to a frightening amount of the white stuff (what we call the "s-word" in this house. THAT's how much we hate winter).

I made the mistake of muttering to myself about The Bunny and Santa Claus getting mixed up this year, and Santa showing up here on Saturday night by accident. I was clearly overheard, because the panic-stricken six and two year olds immediately fell about howling in unison. Yessiree, it's clear which holiday is preferred in THIS family. Santa may bring the toys, but The Bunny brings CHOCOLATE, which is hands-down the undisputed preference.

Who knows, kids? Maybe Santa will show up anyway, and offer to HELP the poor Bunny, who is certainly going to have a rough time getting that little wheelbarrow of his up the hill in our back garden this weekend... Maybe Santa and the reindeer will give him a lift in the sleigh. But, they'd better not sample too much of the Easter merchandise, or we'll have to get a MUCH bigger chimney in preparation for Christmas, 2007.

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