Thursday, August 2, 2007

Breakfast at The Cottage...

Early, EARLY this morning, I was awakened by the sensation that I was being... watched.

Sure enough, when I opened one eye and looked sideways, my gaze was met by two little pairs of brown peepers peering over the edge of my mattress:

Child Number Two: (in an excited stage whisper) Yep!! NOW she's awake!!

Child Number Three: (FULL VOLUME) MAMA!! WE HUNGWY!!

I sat up and shook the sleep from my head.

Mother: (more than slightly grumpily) Right, you little chuckle-heads... What TIME IS IT?!!

Child Number Three: (dancing towards the bedroom door) MAMA!! We want ICE CREAM CONES!! Scutter-botch!!

Mother: BUTTERSCOTCH... Ice cream cones for BREAKFAST?? It's only... six-fifteen, for crying out loud!!

Child Number Two: WELL, the BIRDS are up, Mum, so WE should be up, too!! Ice cream!! ICE CREAM!!! PUH-LEEEEEEEEZE???!!

So, as I pulled on my bathrobe and wandered towards the kitchen, I got to thinking, "Bill Cosby-style". After all, if HE gives his kids chocolate cake for breakfast, what harm could a little ice cream do? Ice cream goes WITH cake. And it's made with milk and cream... CALCIUM, and VITAMIN D, right? So what if there's a little sugar?? Can't be worse than the amount in Life Cereal, right?! And THAT is supposed to be healthy, RIGHT?!!!

I rummaged through the cupboard, found the ice cream cones (FIBRE!! HAH!!), and pulled a large carton of Chapman's Butterscotch Ripple ice cream out of the freezer.

I loaded up three flat-bottomed cones, and started towards the sliding door. After all, ice cream is best enjoyed on the deck, watching the hummingbirds at their feeder, listening to the crash of the waves at the bottom of the garden...

Child Number Three: (eyeing the LARGEST ice cream) DAT one for ME??!

Mother: (ruffling her curly hair) Not on your life, shrimp!! This one's for ME, because I'm the BEST MUMMY IN THE WORLD, for letting my kids have scutter-botch ice cream for breakfast!!!

And it was ab-so-lute-ly DELICIOUS... watching my girls enjoying themselves, and helping each other with the drips as the ice cream melted...

I admit having to RESIST the temptation to put another great big scoop in my coffee, once it had brewed... It's going to be a scorcher out there on the beach today.

Ice Cream For Breakfast. Fit for a Goddess... and her Kids, too.

Stay cool, everybody-- any which way you can!!


rev. shawn said...

Vanilla would have been the best choice for the coffee float !!??

You shoulda went for it !!

Overall: YOU ROCK !!

Way to Go !!

shauna said...

What a great mom you are. I was reading a post last week over at where Karen talked how it's moments like those your children will remember. The laundry, the square meals, the television monitoring, not so much. But ice cream for breakfast? Definitely!

canape said...

You are the best mom. Evah.

Travellor said...

I remember being out with friends having dinner at an Italian restuarant in Vancouver... we all know the portion size of spaghetti that Moma serves... well, I suggested to the children that we have our dessert first so we could save room for our main meal... We ordered four dishes of Ice cream and one meal... Do you think the kids will remember that one... I know the parent's do... As you look at it, it's was just a very large glass of frozen milk...

ewe are here said...

Hey, it's calcium. Enough said.


Karly said...

Even if they didn't get a drop of nutrition from that ice cream, it would be worth it. You're a good mama.

Beck said...

I'm a big fan of ice cream for breakfast. There's always later in the day for other, healthier stuff.

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