Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ready and Waiting...

Child Number Two, age six, has her very first loose tooth!!

The great discovery was made on the patio, after school, while she was eating a popsicle... She felt something "weird" in her mouth, reached in, gave a wiggle... and sure enough, one of those little choppers wiggled back.

Ecstatic, she immediately insisted on calling her father at the office... And bless him, he extricated himself from an important meeting to congratulate her. The telephone was then handed to me.

Father: So!! Big news!!

Mother: Yessiree, she's been waiting for this for a LONG time.

Father: She seems awfully excited.

Mother: Well, COME ON, Dad, there's CASH involved, here.

Father: Yeah. She apparently figures that thirty-five dollars would be a fair trade... She mentioned that she still owes you five dollars, though, so she said that she'll settle for thirty.

Mother: (spluttering) THIRTY DOLLARS??!! (Recovering from initial shock) Interesting how she's choosing to negotiate with YOU. Shouldn't she be writing to the TOOTH FAIRY about all this??!

Well, that Tooth Fairy had better be made of tough stuff if she's planning on entering into negotiations with Child Number Two, that's all I can say. And it wouldn't hurt if she was made of money, as well...

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