Friday, May 4, 2007

Peace Tower Tale...

Tonight, after we had finished dinner, we strolled down towards the Parliament Buildings. We wanted to see the Hill in all its glory, in the evening twilight.

As we walked up the steps towards the base of the Peace Tower, I pointed up above the ornately carved front archway, and tried to direct the children's attention to all of the gargoyles... My favourite section of the Tower is just above the arch, underneath the huge window, where there is a magnificent beaver, fiercely bearing his front teeth, and holding a shield.

Children One and Three both quickly caught sight of him, and laughed delightedly. Child Number Two, however, appeared to be unable to follow the direction in which my finger was pointing.

After a good five minutes of trying, I became exasperated, positioned her head, and pointed upwards once more.

Mother: LOOK. Look UP THERE. THERE!! The beaver!! And his teeth!! Holding the shield!! THERE!!!

Child Number Two: (enormously disappointed) Oh, THAT. I thought you meant a REAL beaver...

Thank goodness she later spotted REAL groundhogs cavorting all over the Hill's front lawns, or the evening would have apparently been a COMPLETE dead loss...

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