Monday, May 14, 2007

All Systems Go for Monday Morning...

This morning, Child Number Two, aged six, straggled down to breakfast later than usual. After a very full weekend, which included her very first sleep-over and a LOT of swimming in the newly-filled pool, she was clearly exhausted.

I watched her oddly subdued behavior as she struggled through her honey nut cheerios, leaving more than half a bowl uneaten when she asked to be excused. I was downright worried when I did not hear the usual strains of bickering upstairs at the time when she is usually voraciously annoying her older sister.

When the older sister arrived downstairs with her backpack a good five minutes early, hair and teeth brushed and face shining, I questioned her as to Child Number Two's general well-being...

Mother: Hey, you look great! Listen, I'm worried about your sister. She's just WAAYY too quiet this morning. You think she'll be okay at school today?

Child Number One: Well, if it makes you feel any better, she just walked into my bedroom a minute ago and called me a hu-normous stinky poo-poo head.

Mother: Oh, well, then. She MUST be okay. Thanks for the info.

Child Number One: No problem.

Thank God. It's business as usual around here...

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