Sunday, May 20, 2007

First things, first...

No sooner had I dragged our bags across the threshold of my childhood home, my own children dropped everything and headed back out to the car.

Child Number One: C'MON, MUM!! First things, first!! YOU know where you want to go!!

Child Number Two: (pumping the air with her little fists) Yeah, Mum!! Hurry up!! YOU KNOW THE DRILL!!

Child Number Three: CHOCK-LIT SHOP!!! CHOCK-LIT SHOP!!!

Yes, The Quest was on... for Chocolate Barr's.

Chocolate Barr's is, bar none, the best chocolate in the entire universe. Mr. Barr was trained by another great Canadian chocolate maker, Mr. Rheo Thompson himself, and three years ago set up his own business, using the wonderful original recipes he had learned at Rheo's side.

This ain't just any chocolate, people. This is the kind of hand-dipped perfection that makes you want to collapse on the floor and roll around for awhile, it tastes so incredibly good. It's what my husband calls "food sex".

The girls and I stormed Chocolate Barr's and left with enormous shopping bags full of treats... Mint Melties (my favourites), chocolate covered sponge toffee (for Child Number One), chocolate covered pretzels (for Child Number Two), chocolate on a stick (for the amazingly messy Child Number Three... ANYTHING to keep her hands out of it). Best of all, we bought a bag of "Mistakes". I LOVE the bags of "imperfect" chocolates, which they sell at a discount simply because they look a little funny. Funny, because they seem pretty darned perfect to ME...

Our tradition once we have left the shop is to collapse on the nearest park bench and TUCK IN. Which we did. We didn't stop eating until Child Number One announced that she was beginning to feel "profoundly unwell"...

Sticky, on a sugar high, and immensely happy, we headed back to the car.

Mother: (slightly worried about the upholstery) Everybody feeling okay for the drive back to the house?

Child Number One: (clearly recovered) Oh, YES, Mummy... NOW can we go to the Chuck Wagon for those really good FRENCH FRIES??!

Ooouufff... It's great to be Home.

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Multi-tasking Mommy said...

I wanted to post a comment on your last post, but comments weren't enabled....

It must be a really special feeling that you have when you do return home to your childhood house! You are right, I'm not sure how many people have that ability. I do wish that I had that, with my parents moving in a condo, it will be weird to visit my parents in a place that I have never will still be "going home", or will it?

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