Thursday, May 10, 2007

Gonna getcha...

By one o'clock this afternoon, Child Number Three had blown through her THIRD outfit. Yes, folks, the two year old can turn on the garden hose all by herself, now! You should have SEEN the enormous mud puddles she produced today. Annoyingly, she HATES the feeling of damp clothes against her skin, and protests loudly until she is completely cleaned and dried... only to sneak back to the hose for more.

Well, by one o'clock, The Goddess had had enough. Mt. Washmore was nearly touching the ceiling of the laundry room as it was. The Puddle Producer had to be stopped.

Mother: (looking kid straight in the eye) Okay, these are the LAST CLEAN CLOTHES. You go near that hose again, kiddo, and I'm gonna squash you like a bug!! GOT IT??!!

Child Number Three: (smiling sweetly) Nope!!

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