Saturday, June 30, 2007

With apologies to Robert Burns...

Gin a guinea catch a guinea
comin thro' the rye... er, grass...

It's a beautiful Saturday morning, and what better way to spend it than with the resident guinea pigs, Cookie and Cupcake, who love nothing better than to graze on the grass. At the rate they're going today, we MIGHT not even need to get the lawn mower out...


Cookie and Cupcake


rev. shawn said...

CUTE !!!

You can tell you don't live in either BC or on the Prairies though ... if we had our guinea pig out in an open top compound it would take about 37 seconds before a HAWK swung by for take out ... (in Bella Coola is used to be Bald Eagles!!)

They ARE adorable ... hope they enjoyed the sun ... Our GP is waiting for her outdoor adventures when it gets hot enough outside ... maybe one day !!

Candygirlflies said...

Oh, we have PLENTY of hawks here, too, Rev... Remember the one I told you about who was fond of picking chickadees off of our birdfeeders last winter?

We don't leave the guinea pigs outside alone... And in summer, they are usually in their "palace" of a cage out in the shade on the patio.

You can't be too careful!!

mrinz said...

Hawks! They sound very predatory! To pick poor little birds off a bird feeder. Wow.

Your little Guinea pigs are so cute. I love the way they 'whistle' out - we had them as pets when our children were young and one used to 'talk' to me when I went out past the cage to hang out the washing.

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