Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Thou hast angered the Goddess...

Okay, boys. Last night was BAD. There was precious little good about it, save your goalie, who was just trying his darndest to save YOU ALL, as well as that hockey puck that kept flying past him...

You're just toying with me though, right?! Just trying to see how far you can push me... After all, who woulda thought that you would LOSE THE GAME, with one of the other team's star players out... Out, may I remind you, for KNOCKING ONE OF YOUR OWN PLAYERS UNCONSCIOUS THE OTHER NIGHT.

How could you not be just a LITTLE ticked off about that incident? Lord knows all of the rest of us are... especially the parents of kids who "look up" to players like you to set an example of gentlemanly sportsmanship.

How could you not rise to the occasion, and take the opportunity to win the game, when it was clearly served up to you on a silver platter?!

Well, I'll tell you. The Goddess was more than a LITTLE disappointed last night as she trundled off to bed...

You'd better be able to get it together before the next game, that's all I can say. Because the only thing worse that raising the Goddess' wrath... would be disappointing Canadian Hockey Fans.

It wouldn't be pretty, boys. So, let's try this again... say, Wednesday night?

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