Friday, June 29, 2007

Mummy SOMETIMES goes away, but she ALWAYS comes back.

Tonight, my husband took me out to dinner to celebrate the fact that I've somehow managed to survive the first day of Summer Vacation with the Thrilling Three...

Actually, it wasn't all that difficult... We slept in till 8am (yes, that is considered a LIE-IN at our house. Ah, life with a preschooler...) Then, we set off for a loooong walk, and a visit to our favourite toy store. We dropped by a local farmer's market, and bought the place out of tomatoes and sugar snap peas, which my girlies and I turned into a very delicious lunch (along with a loaf of fresh bread... Nothing says "summer" like tomato sandwiches!) We then capped the day off with a long afternoon of swimming.

Well, folks, it doesn't get a whole lot better than that.

I can't complain (yet).

My girlies are, as a general rule, pretty good for babysitters, and the lady who comes to look after them when we have an evening out every once in awhile is nothing short of spectacular. In fact, Child Number Three had been looking forward to the babysitting gig all day. That is, until it was actually time for her mummy and daddy to LEAVE...

Overheard while I was doing a last-minute check in the mirror (because when you're a mum, it's AMAZING where the odd sticker, snorfle stain or sticky handprint has left its mark... Usually in my hair, on my rear-end, or somewhere on my freshly-drycleaned shirt...)

Child Number Three: (clearly worried) Mummy 'n Daddy go 'way????

Father: (reassuringly) Yup! Daddy's taking Mummy out for dinner tonight, and you get to stay with the babysitter! You and your sisters are going to have lots of fun!

Child Number Three: (still not convinced) You go 'way, but den you come BACK?

Father: Yes! Of course. We'll go out, and the babysitter will look after you while we're gone, and then we'll come home after you're asleep. When you wake up, we'll be home again.

Child Number Three: (just making sure) You go out for din-der, den YOU BRING MUMMY HOME AGAIN?

Father: Yes, sweetheart. I promise, I'll bring Mummy home.

Child Number Three: (hugely relieved) THANK YOU, Daddy...

I'm choosing to take this as a HUGE compliment, rather than worrying that my youngest daughter fears I'm secretly plotting my escape from this booby-hatch...


myminivanisfasterthanyours said...

Sometimes we're not sure if we should take it personally that our kids don't give a rip when we leave. And never have they! I'm still searching for ways to see only the positive in this. And searching. And searching...

ewe are here said...

But aren't we all secretly plotting are escape ...?


Hope you had a lovely evening out with your husband. They really can be hard to come by, no?

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