Monday, June 4, 2007

Fabulous footwear... well, they FEEL fabulous, anyway...

I'm sure you're all wondering why on EARTH I'm bothering to show you my favourite footwear... These are one of three pairs of crocs that I currently own. I covet many, many more pairs though (especially that new pale lilac colour), so I want to clear up this matter right now: only owning three pairs of crocs is "self controlled" for me.

And the jibbitz... (that's those dorky little decorations I've got dotted all over them, for anyone out there who doesn't speak croc). Gotta love the jibbitz. I've got martians (2), insects (cartoon insects, NOT real ones), a chicken (no reason, I just like chickens), a British flag (to warn people about my personality in advance), and... a cup of Tim Horton's Coffee (extra large double milk, double sugar, in case you're wondering).

And today, I added another one... a very special one, just for tonight. Hopefully, for all of this week, if The Boys can pull it off. See the tiny little Ottawa Senators logo up there on the upper left-"hand" shoe? Bet you didn't know I'm a hockey fan... Hell, I didn't know I was a Sens fan, either, till I was IN Ottawa a few weeks ago, and they started WINNING. Man, were the street parties that weekend ever BIG FUN. My sports-nut of a husband thought it was hilarious when I asked him if the Senators cheer was "ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz...." (as in SNOOORRRRE... Sorry, it's a Canuck political joke, the rest of you can talk amongst yourselves for just a moment).

But I digress... What I really mean to say is this:


Bite 'em in the ass tonight, boys... I'll be watching... and you DON'T want to disappoint the Domestic Goddess!!


Multi-tasking Mommy said...

You're hilarious!!!

ewe are here said...

I've been seeing crocs popping up all over town here lately... and I have to admit I think they're rather hideous. Although I hear they're extremely comfortable. ;-)

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