Saturday, June 9, 2007

Happiness on a Saturday...

Happiness is...

  • An entire, sunny Saturday with NO commitments... nowhere to be, no-one to see!

  • An unhurried visit to my favourite nursery, and a long conversation with Bill about More New Trees for the garden.

  • The weather temperatures so spectacularly perfect, that I could leave every window open and let the cool breeze freshen the house.

  • Newly-laundered sheets on all of our beds.

  • An afternoon of digging and trans-planting... and sawing the very last of the overgrown Purple Sand Cherry trees into submission!

  • A glass of cold lemonade on the patio with my husband, surveying the beautiful results of the afternoon's work, and our children playing happily around us.

  • The distant sound of a lawn-mower, and the hiss of the sprinklers.

  • Watching the girls hand-feed our resident chipmunks, and hearing their peals of giggling echo in the evening air.

  • Releasing a bag of tiny red ladybirds among the flowers once the sun has started to set.

  • A good book, a hot bath, and a white terrycloth robe.

  • A fire in the firepit outside once the children are all in bed.

  • Lights out by ten o'clock... and a good night's rest.
(Okay, maybe that last one is wishful thinking, but I can dream, right??!!)


rev. shawn said...

Sounds delightful ...

... I hope even the last one came true for you ...

... I also wish I could have had a Saturday like it ... hmm ... maybe one day !!

(and here's hoping Sunday is even better !!)

Merinz said...

How wonderful to be able to hand feed chipmunks!

Love your happiness is....

...its good to stop and take stock of the good things around every now and then isn't it.

I find it is easy to get distracted by the 'not so good' things happening from time to time.

ewe are here said...

What a nice day you had. I'm envious.

When I was little, I used to love it when we bought and released buckets of ladybugs at the end of the day to feast on the aphids,,,, so cool.

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