Saturday, January 19, 2008

Our New Arrivals...

There are two new babies in our household this week:

Allow me to introduce Toot and Puddle, the newest addition to the Guinea Pig "family".



We are just delighted to have them with us... But in truth, no one seems to be more thrilled to have their company than new "Granny" Cupcake. She has been a little TOO quiet and subdued since the passing of her sister, Cookie, in early December. The presence of the young 'uns seems to be doing her no end of good-- my kitchen is once again filled with the sweet sounds of squeaking and "chattering", as the little animals talk back-and-forth to one another.

A few times a day, the girlies bring Cupcake out of her palace to have a little up-close visit with the "grandchildren". We won't be putting all of them together in one pen, due to the extreme age difference, and Cupcake's various little ailments...

But we're ALL looking forward to springtime, when we can take them out on the lawn to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air!

Welcome, little babies. The girlies and I are so happy to have you here.


ewe are here said...

Aren't they sweet....:-)

mrinz said...

They are adorable!

Candygirlflies said...

Oh, yes, they are darling, and perfect pets for little people... They don't bite, and are very affectionate and sociable.

These babies are sisters, and just a few weeks old (they are born with fur and teeth, and can eat solid food from birth-- but are not taken from their mother until about six or seven weeks).

I trolled the pet adoption centre for a few weeks, until I found a pair of "characters". These two are very lively and vocal!

It was a lovely surprise for Child Number One to come home to on Friday!!

xo CGF

ps. Welcome home, Mrinz... I missed you!!

slouching mom said...

aww...they are VERY cute.

Leeann said...

They are adorable. I have never had one for a pet, but it's something to tuck away. I'm sure my children would love it!

canape said...

Oh, I LOVE them! They are so adorable.

I miss the squeaking and chattering :(

Soon. We will have to have little piggies again soon.

I'm so happy for you and the girlies, and Cupcake too!

painted maypole said...

we have the book of their namesakes. cute.

Candygirlflies said...

Hi, Canape-- I hope you and Lovely are feeling a little better this weekend... We're so sorry to hear about Hershey.

I'm glad to hear that you'll have more guinea pigs at your house one day. I probably wouldn't have chosen to have more so soon, were it not for Cupcake's loneliness.

You'll have a Little Bird at your house, before long, which will be even better!! I can't wait!!

xo CGF

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