Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"I Like to be Told"

What an incredible few days it has been...

Susan (Whymommy) has had successful surgery, and last night let us know that the pathology report came back showing CLEAN MARGINS!! and the successful removal of all breast cancer.

Canape gave birth to her beautiful Little Bird, Christopher.

And on a personal front, I was astounded to receive comments and emails about a comment I left on Susan's blog, "Toddler Planet".

Receiving comments on things I have written on my OWN blog thrills me... but comments about comments I have written??! Astounding. I am constantly amazed by the fact that anyone finds anything I write to be interesting.

Now, truth be told, the comment that I left that day included more than just my OWN words. It contained the words of one of the world's most extraordinary citizens: Fred McFeely Rogers.

Whymommy had a difficult situation to deal with last week... explaining the "ookiness" of the drains she needed for her surgical site to heal, to her three-year-old son. In my humble opinion, Susan handled the situation perfectly. She gave an age-appropriate explanation, using words and examples that her small boy could relate to. By giving her son information, she empowered him. She reassured him, and took away any fear he might have had.

And that is a good chunk of what Good Parenting is all about, isn't it? Loving our children enough to be as honest with them as we can possibly be.

Whymommy's post brought to mind one of Fred Roger's very best songs: "I Like to be Told". In my comment that day, I typed out the lyrics, which constantly run through my own head whenever my children ask ME a question that is difficult to answer.
I Like To Be Told

I like to be told
When you’re going away,
When you’re going to come back,
And how long you will stay.
How long you will stay.
I like to be told.

I like to be told
If it’s going to hurt.
If it’s going to be hard,
If it’s not going to hurt.
I like to be told.
I like to be told.

It helps me to get ready for all those things,
All those things that are new.
I trust you more and more
Each time that I’m
Finding those things to be true, true.

I like to be told
‘Cause I’m trying to grow,
And I’m trying to learn,
And I’m trying to know.
I like to be told.
I like to be told.
Yesterday, I was finally able to locate an audio recording of the song. During her "Kiss My Brass" tour, Bette Middler paid a remarkable tribute to Mister Rogers, and I am delighted to share that portion of her concert with you.

I give you My Hero, Mister Rogers... and the truly divine Ms. M.


painted maypole said...

loved that clip.

a few weeks ago we were having a particularly frustrating rehearsal... in a string of frustrating rehearsals. And on break I began singing "it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day to be a neighbor..." and I discovered that it not only cheered me up, but all sorts of other people started smiling, too. and it turned the day around for me.

Ally said...

God bless Mr. Rogers. I wish he were still around so my children could enjoy him. I loved this clip! Thanks for sharing it, and for sharing the lyrics on WM's site last week.

Candygirlflies said...

Hi, Ally, thank you for reading!

Mister Rogers' Neighbourhood is still in re-runs on almost all PBS stations. I hope you are able to find it for your children... Even after all these years, it is by far the best children's program on television.

We record it on a daily basis. Did you know that years ago, Fred Rogers was instrumental in arguing that "new-fangled" VCR machines should not be considered to infringe copyright, by taping tv programs? He stated how truly important it would be for parents to be able to record his show, and then find the time to sit down with their children, so that they could enjoy it together.

He was a wonderful, wise human being, and led a truly incredible life.

xo CGF

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

We actually saw a tribute to Fred Rogers on the wall at CBC downtown on the weekend!
What a great song!

Kathy said...

Thank you for this post, it brought back good memories from when my daughter was little and we watched Mr. Rogers.

Candygirlflies said...

Hi, MTM--

At the CBC tribute site, I am sure that you must have read that Fred Rogers came and worked in Canada for a time, years ago. He became very good friends and colleagues with another hero of children's television: Ernie Coombes (aka "Mr Dressup").

I am so glad you enjoyed your time down at the CBC last weekend!

xo CGF

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