Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Because I NEED a laugh today (and you probably do, too...)

Donald O'Connor, Extraordinaire!
"Singin' In The Rain"


painted maypole said...

loving this!

I was just watching My Fair Lady the other day. these old musical movies are fun!

Leeann said...

First of all, he might need to get on some medication...I think he might be nuts.
Secondly, after all that flipping and flopping, I hope that medication includes a really great pain reliever! LOL

Nan said...

HAVE YOU TAKEN DOWN YOUR DECORATIONS? I am wringing my hands with worry here. I wonder who invented that "decorations must be down by the 6th" rule? Probably the same person who writes those "send to ten friends in the next five minutes, or your cat will be run over by a backhoe" forwards.

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