Saturday, December 8, 2007


Ten Good Things About Cookie

1. Her fluffy bum. Her fur got so long that we had to give her haircuts!

2. We liked it when she would snuggle up with Cupcake in their little igloo when they were both smaller.

3. She could always cheer us up when she ran and jumped around the cage and did the Cookie Crazies.

4. We liked it when she would push the pile of timothy hay around with her nose, and then lie down in it.

5. She loved to go outside on the grass in the summer, and mow the lawn. She always ate the grass right down to the roots!

6. When she climbed up on my tummy and kissed my cheek.

7. She always talked to Cupcake, and we liked listening to their squeaks.

8. How she climbed up the bars in the cage to look at us, and we could see her teeth. She looked like she was smiling.

9. She always squeaked for her dinner, and when she heard someone come in through the back door.

10. We liked it when Georgia the cat would snuggle up next to us when we were holding Cookie. Georgia was never mean, and they liked each other.

Cookie the Guinea Pig
November, 2003-December 7, 2007

Loved by three little girls…
And their mummy, too.

For anyone out there who is dealing with a child’s grief upon the loss of a pet, may I humbly recommend Judith Viorst’s wonderful book, “The Tenth Good Thing About Barney”, which my dear friend, Travellor, referred me to, late last night.


KreativeMix said...


Catherine said... I'm hungry for cookies...AND a fuzzy snuggle...


mrinz said...

I love all the comments about her.
Cookie was a little character! She was well loved and would have had a very happy life with you all.

Leeann said...

What a fuzzy little cutie!

shawn said...

Hmmm ... our house has known the loss of beloved pets ... losing our grand old dawgs Mindy and Angus in one fall was tough ... sorry for your loss, but what a brilliant way of honouring a true family member.

There are MANY really good books for talking to children about life, death and what lies beyond - Barney is Good.

thoughts and prayers.

canape said...

Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss.

Hershey and I send our deepest sympathies. He also says that Cookie is the best looking GP he's ever seen.

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

I'm so sorry to hear your news.... :(

shauna said...

What a great list--and a wonderful picture. I hope your girls are handling it well. I once had a cute, floppy bunny (who was very horny, but that's ANOTHER story). Children get so attached to animals--I bet this list helped... Give them hugs from me. :)

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