Saturday, December 15, 2007

December 15

"White Christmas"
sung by Louis Armstrong

There is just over a week left 'till Christmas, and in this part of Ontario, Canada, we are all hunkering down and preparing for another big blast of winter. According to weather forecasts, we are expecting up to 25 cm of White Stuff over the next 48 hours, accompanied by your usual howling winds, and treacherous driving conditions...

Unfortunately, the threat of the impending storm has put the kibosh on our fifteenth wedding anniversary plans. The grandparental babysitting team has (wisely) decided not to make the two-hour trip in to stay with us, so that my husband and I can go out for a leisurely afternoon of shopping, followed by a celebratory dinner.

Ah, well. Never mind. We will hunker down here at home in front of the fireplace, and have a less-formal, more relaxed evening, instead.

And so, here is the incomparable Louis Armstrong, singing "White Christmas"-- or, should I say, "White Chrizz-mizz".

This is a lovely change from the familiar Bing Crosby version. It's a wonderfully intimate, "smoochy" rendition, so get a hold of the person you love the best, dim the lights, and take a turn or two around the kitchen floor!


Nan said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! How many years? I guess you will blog that later... My girlfriend and her family have ABANDONED me, and gone to Canada for the season. They are extatic about all of the early snow. The kids have never seen it before! It is a trifle, uh, warm, here!

mrinz said...

So sorry to hear that your plans have been postphoned/cancelled! Hopefully your planned outing to celebrate your anniversary will happen at a later date.

Was the weather like this fifteen years ago? If so then you must have been missing a few guests!

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Too bad your plans changed, if only we lived closer....we would have loved to watch the kids for you! You KNOW you can call ANYTIME and we are MORE than happy to watch them!!!!! Do you want to book a "snow date"??? We'll come down and hang with the crew while you two go out and enjoy yourselves!!!

shauna said...

Congratulations on your 15th wedding anniversary. I'm sorry you didn't get to go out, but I hope it was still grand!

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