Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This year's costumes...

Child Number One as

The Lady of Shalott

No, I am not joking. She has the most gorgeous wine coloured medieval gown, with split sleeves and white satin lining. Her blonde wig is perfection, and hangs down past her waist. She is a picture... a poem. I. Am. So. Proud.

Child Number Two as


What character could be more perfect for my tiny, mighty six-year-old? She is in HEAVEN with the letter "S" emblazoned on her chest, and red sparkly cape streaming out behind her...

Child Number Three as

Peppa Pig

One of the most delightful animated shows for children on television today... She is sporting a pink fleecy outfit, and a beautiful knitted "piggy" hat, complete with ears, snout, and curly tail. I've told the older girls to prop her up in front of them at the front doors, and get her to perform her "Snoooooorrrkk!!" They'll get double-helpings of candy FOR SURE.

And what about me, you ask?

Well, I was completely prepared to dress up as Elphaba, from the musical "Wicked", AKA The Wicked Witch of the West (typecasting, I know). But, when I mentioned to Wee Three that I would be donning GREEN MAKEUP for the role, she visibly recoiled... Mummy With New Hair is ONE thing, but Mummy With Green Face (and neck, and hands, and arms, and...) is apparently something else ALTOGETHER.


Maybe next year.

Child Number One DID try to cheer me up, though...

Child Number One: (patting me on the shoulder sympathetically) You know what? You should just go as Mummy WITHOUT Makeup... That'll be WAY scarier, anyway.


shawn said...

Dressing up as a "wicked witch" ??

Isn't that a tad redundant?

I thought Halloween was about moving OUT of character for a night ...

Happy Halloween to you and all the ghoulies ... Hope it was a good one !!

Candygirlflies said...

Oh, stop it. You're just FORTY and ELDERLY. At least I can take MY costume OFF.

xo CGF

Beck said...

The Lady of Shalot? That is AWESOME. I hope she had a lot of fun! (oh, and the other two girls, two! I hope you all had fun, even without you wearing a costume...)

mrinz said...

What a lot of fun!!

Does their Dad dress up too? If so what did he go as?

Candygirlflies said...

Hi, Mrinz! The Husband is not a "dress up" kind of guy... unless it is some sort of sports get-up. However, I DID suggest that he go as a prisoner, and I go as his warden... Strangely, he didn't think it was very funny.

xo CGF

Leeann said...

I went as GI Jane. Really, what else did I have? :)

shauna said...

What a great group of customes. And the Lady of Shalott -- I'm so impressed. But shame on her for saying you're scarey without makeup. We saw the haircut pictures--we know that's not true.

Candygirlflies said...

Shauna, I'm emailing you a special award RIGHT THIS MINUTE, not only for saying just the right thing at the right time, but mostly for being your sweet, awesome self.

Check your inbox!!

xo CGF

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