Friday, October 5, 2007

Giving Thanks...


I've been thinking a great deal about all the things I am thankful for, as our Canadian Thanksgiving holiday weekend approaches. And this afternoon, when I sat down to read my daily list of blogs, I came across a remarkable post that I encourage all of you to read.

My friend Kim, from The Merits of the Case, is a wife, mother and law student. She is also battling breast cancer. And, although Kim is an American citizen, and therefore will not be partaking in a formal Thanksgiving ritual this weekend, she has written a beautiful piece about a group of people for whom she is deeply thankful: the amazing nurses who care for her, and all the other cancer survivors at her treatment centre.

Kim is an astounding individual. She is a strong, warm, beautiful, classy woman. She is also one hell of a writer. She moved me to tears when I read this post, entitled "Treatment #6".

Thank-you, ladies, for taking such good care of Kim, and all the other patients whom you gently nurse each day. Your loving care and heartfelt compassion means more to them, their families and their friends, than you will ever know.

There ARE angels here on earth. And as it turns out, a lot of them are nurses.

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painted maypole said...

she IS beautiful! Wow.

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