Friday, October 19, 2007

Ferris Bueller, you're my hero...

Well, you probably guessed it.

The Ferris Bueller DAY has officially turned into a bit of an extravaganza.

It's been a looong week at our house, people. Being the resident Goddess hasn't been easy.

However, the only thing that it has been LESS easy to be at our house is a strep throat patient. Yes, once Child Number Two was finally on the mend, it rapidly became evident that she had been extremely generous with her germs. Tylenol flowed like running water, the pediatrician was consulted, antibiotics were prescribed, and the trusty nebulizer was fired up to help de-congest the first full-blown asthma-related ailments of the season. Needless to say, there was not much sleep to be had, by any of us.

We were a pretty exhausted, motley crew by the end of the week. We were all so completely wrecked, in fact, that I simply couldn't muster the energy to protest when the "Idonwannagotoschool-ing" started on Thursday morning. It just seemed EASIER to give in. And when the idea of having three mostly-recovered, mind-bendingly bored children bounce off of your four walls for yet another day seems more do-able than getting dressed, driving them to their respective learning establishments, and GETTING THEM OUT OF YOUR HAIR FOR A FEW HOURS, you know you've got a fairly serious problem.

I knew we had to get out of the house. We needed a change. We needed a serious Day Off.

I phoned my parents, who for some inexplicable reason agreed to have us to stay, threw my children and what seemed like half our worldly possessions into the Loser Cruiser, and hit the highway.

Yes, the Ferris Bueller DAY has turned into the Ferris Bueller WEEKEND, but we're having an absolutely marvellous time.

First off, we scored some incredible theatre tickets. The two oldest girlies and I saw a spectacular production of the Gershwin musical, "My One and Only" on Thursday night, and tomorrow, we've managed to get in for "Oklahoma".

We've been taking our time, making our rounds of the usual favourite destinations: the chocolate shop, the toy shop, the book stores...

The weather has been relatively dreadful, and so instead of making our usual trek to the park, the formidable craft box was unearthed in the basement, and the three girlies happily sat round the big kitchen table, and drew and cut-and-pasted to their hearts' content. While they occupied themselves with that, my mother and I browsed through her stellar cookbook collection.

This evening, once the children were all in bed, my parents and I collapsed in the sun room and watched a movie: "Venus", with Peter O'Toole... which I highly, highly recommend.

Yes, so far, this visit has been incredibly "healing" for my little brood. And that awful, sinking, desperate feeling has almost left me...

Tonight, there is an enormous wind whistling around the eaves of this old house. I'm hoping it's chasing away the clouds and damp weather, so that we'll be able to have a good long romp outside and enjoy some fresh air tomorrow afternoon.

Saturday morning will be spent at the Farmer's Market, and the girlies all went to bed eagerly anticipating what we will find amongst the stalls this week. Child Number One enjoys looking at the needlework and gorgeous knitted items. Child Number Two wants to find the most gargantuan pumpkin that we can get our arms around, so that we can bring it home for our Hallowe'en jack' o' lantern. And Child Number Three wants a cookie. Specifically, a chocolate-chip-and-smartie cookie on a stick. These cookies are huge, golden, crumbly creations that take nearly the entire day to munch through... and I never cease to be amazed that my tiny, twenty-five pound three-year-old can polish off the entire thing, every single time.

I won't be wanting for much, I don't think, as I go round the market tomorrow, enjoying all the familiar sights and scents, and seeing what our local farmers have on offer. It's just marvellous to be back, and to truly FEEL at home, once again, in this very special place.


shawn said...

WAH !!!

I want to be in Stratford too !!!

I want to savour Chocolate from Barr's ... pop by Callan books ... hit the toy store ...

Enjoy every minute of it ... and know I'm green with envy !!!

Leeann said...

Wow. You even make being sick sound fun.

mrinz said...

Very special to be able to go back to your roots, - called here your 'turangawaewae' - meaning roots/origin/place of belonging.

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