Friday, July 4, 2008

Un peu de fromage...

You, in America, have this:

Packaged American cheese

We, in Canada, have this:

Packaged Canadian fromage

And, while I confess to suffering a violent, involuntary physical reaction, triggered by the sound of Céline Dion's singing (not dis-similar to the one Cosmo Kramer has whenever he hears the voice of Mary Hart):

I have (perhaps foolishly) decided to post this as my "Canadian Content" for today... Please, forgive me.

Ladies and Gentlemen, brace yourselves. For this is Céline Dion, accompanied by fellow Canuck, David Foster, performing "God Bless America":


canape said...

My dear CGF, I just choked on my Cheeto.

Packaged and processed indeed.

mrinz said...

My Husband LOVES Celine Dion. We hear her on the car CD whenever we travel, he went to her show at Las Vegas and bought the CD.
Your video clip mirrors my feelings exactly!

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