Thursday, July 3, 2008

For Nan and The Boys...

I heard you!!! Here's your "fix" of another one of Canada's finest citizens... Enjoy, my friends, and thank-you for reading!

A very young, very sweet Joni Mitchell singing a slightly unusual version of "Big Yellow Taxi", in concert, waaaay back in 1970.

(To be honest, as more and more of the beautiful old farms around here get paved over to make way for new subdivisions, "Big Yellow Tractor" gives me even more of a pang in my heart than the original song does...)

My friend Nan can be found at "Things I Found In Pockets" : a hilariously funny blog about one woman's life as an artist, wife and mother of three boys, in Trinidad and Tobago.

1 comment:

Nan said...

Yay! What a nice surprise to find, after a day at the dentist's!

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