Thursday, July 3, 2008

Horsing around...

No more peeking longingly over the fence...

Child Number Two is finally old enough, at age seven, to have the horseback riding lessons she has been longing for, for the past two years.

She looks like a teeny, tiny flea perched a-waaaaaay up there on the back of one of these enormous, magnificent creatures... But the pure happiness that beams out of her, as she and the horse trot around the ring-- or better yet, when they are together in the barn, and she is gently grooming animals and feeding them little treats-- is positively magical.

Love you, my big little girl.


ewe are here said...

I started riding at about that age... she's going to LOVE it.

Nan said...

Yikes! Small Girl, my sister Ailis used to ride. There she would be, with her tiny self, (She is still pretty tiny, although Ailis is all grown up now) on these HUGE HORSES! I used to drive her to the horsey place, and STAY FAR AWAY. Like, in the car, and read my book. One day there was a competition, I can't remember what you call those, where they jump and prance around the track, and my sister walked up to me and said "Here, just hold this a minute."

She handed me a kind of rope. Ailis walked off in her cute boots, and cute pants, and I thought "What's this rope thing?" I pulled it, and at the end of the rope was a HUGE HORSE! I didn't know WHAT TO DO! So I said "Nice Horsey..." very quietly, and I didn't MOVE until my very brave sister came back. When she came back, I almost fainted with relief. She said I was a real silly billy, to be scared of such a nice gentle horse, but I still think you are very brave to be such an equestrian!

mrinz said...

I started riding on my own also at about that age. Before that I would ride in front of my Dad as we rode around the hills at mustering and lambing time.

Horses are wonderful gentle courageous creatures (well - most - I can recall some bad tempered ones! But ours were working horses, farm hacks, and knew all the tricks).

It is a wonderful pastime and she will have such a sense of achievement!

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