Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Patriotic, eh?

This is for my darling brother, who currently resides far away from The Great White North...

Happy Canada Day, hosehead... Miss you like crazy.

ybs, CGF xoxo

The McKenzie Brothers (Bob and Doug) are two of SCTV's (and Canada's) finest sons: Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas. Thanks to their brilliantly funny television segment, "The Great White North" (which was originally known as "Kanadian Korner"), my brother, sister and I were subject to years of gentle ribbing from our peers when we were young teenagers, for reasons that shall remain "anonymous"...


painted maypole said...

love those McKenzie brothers, eh

mrinz said...

Happy Canada Day to you all!

I loved to sing Oh Canada when I lived in BC, in fact we sang it every day at school. However it is strange singing another country's national anthem - took me a while to get used to it - sometimes I would cross my fingers behind my back while singing.
But I grew to love it - and your country!!

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