Tuesday, July 3, 2007

There is no friend like a sister...

This evening, my three daughters, ages eleven, six and three, were hard at work outside on the patio with an enormous box of coloured chalk. I left them to their artwork, and went into the kitchen to tidy up the aftermath of dinner. It wasn't until I glanced out at them from the window over my sink, that I realized that instead of drawings, each child (including the three year old!) was composing enormous "LISTS", each on her own little section of the stones.

I continued rinsing the plates and loading the dishwasher, until I could hear a scuffle breaking out, and the voices of the two eldest girls rise up.

Moments later, Child Number Two came charging in through the back door, hackles-up and hands balled into little fists.

Mother: (bracing for the worst) What-ho, kiddo?

Child Number Two: (indignant) They're making a Club out there, and they asked ME to join!!

Mother: So what's the problem with that?? Everyone Being Included is a GOOD thing, right?

Child Number Two: Yeah, but I DON'T WANNA be in that club!

Mother: Why not? They want you to join!

Child Number Two: Well, they called it the "GOOD SISTERS" Club, and I don't wanna be a good sister!

Mother: Why on earth not?

Child Number Two: (exasperated) C'mon, Mum, how DULL and BORING would THAT be???!

Always stirring up the pot, that kid, ALLLLWAYS stirring up the pot...


ewe are here said...

She might have a point though...

heh heh

painted maypole said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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