Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 23

Well, folks...  it's been quite an adventure this weekend.

The News From Here is that there has been a terrible ice storm where I live, and our power and heat have been cut off.  This also means no telephones (other than cell, which is reserved for "emergencies") and no internet.  The music that was previously scheduled to be brought to you for December 23 isn't co-operating, because even my regular music server is out-of-whack, and (more than likely) frozen solid.

Luckily, it's Monday, and I'm able to bring you this, courtesy of Youtube.  It is the very BEST worst version of "Sleighride" I have ever had the dubious honour of laying ears on.  I don't know who these guys are, but I'm sure they must know something about music-- no one "untrained" could do this poorly so incredibly well, if you know what I mean.

And, it pretty accurately reflects the way I'm feeling tonight:  totally discombobulated, and desperately racing towards some sort of imaginary finish line.

True, we're still squatting in my parents' cosy home, enjoying all the electricity and warmth and eating up the Christmas baking...  but we're worried about those we left behind, not the least of whom are our menagerie of cats, hamsters, and a small herd of woinking guinea pigs.  We are assured that they have been wrapped in blankets and towels and are snuggled in front of the fire...  but we are longing to be with them.

Better times tomorrow, I hope. If the roads are clear and sanded, we will try to make the long trek home: the girlies are anxious to make it there before Santa Claus does.

Bloomin' heck...  so am I.

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