Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 18

music by Bob Chilcott, with words by Janet Lewis (1899-1988)
and performed by The Vasari Singers

 Lullee, lullay
I could not love thee more
if thou wast Christ the King.
Now tell me, how did Mary know
that in her womb should sleep and grow
The Lord of everything?

Lullee, lullay
An angel stood with her,
who said ʻThat which doth stir
Like summer in thy side
shall save the world from sin.
Then stable, hall and inn shall cherish Christmas-tide.ʼ

Lullee, lullay
And so it was that Day.
And did she love him more
because an angel came
 to prophesy his name?
Ah no, not so,
she could not love Him more,
But loved Him just the same.

Lullee, lullee, lullee, lullay.


merinz said...

I have just spent the last hour reading all your December posts. I am sorry to say I have not visited your blog for some time - family matters and community responsibilities have overtaken my time. So I made myself a cup of tea and sat and enjoyed every one of your entries.

The story of your culturally diverse pupils brought back memories of when I was teaching in Northern BC in 1968. I was very foreign to the children, my maiden name was Drinkwater, and I had parents turning up at the door to view me. I am not sure to this day quite what they expected.

Nan Sheppard said...

Ahhhh... This is what I needed on a blustery, rainy night. Thank you!

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