Monday, December 28, 2009

Freedom!! (Sort of.)

The cast is off my poor, sore right arm.


(Sort of.)

The elbow joint is very stiff, and my mobility is quite limited. Maybe I should have taken this for a sign BEFORE I tried to clean up the Christmas rubble in my house, do the shopping, or drive a car.

Never mind.

I'm teaching myself to write again, with the vain hope of being able to complete a major art project for the university in two weeks... I'm typing-- and doing fairly well-- in order to get caught up on many, many emails. I can't take a steady photograph to save my LIFE, with these shaky hands of mine, and so all the Christmas photos will be quirkily blurred this year.

Most of all, I can't wait to KNIT.

For dear Father Christmas brought me exactly what I wanted, in the form of a delicious, new Noro yarn, and a beautiful book of patterns.

Is this the stuff of dreams, or what???!

The needles?

They are CALLING ME, people, after too, too many months of neglect.

I can't wait.

Now. All I need is a physiotherapist who will work during the holidays...


Nan said...

How about acupuncture? I was really surprised at how well it works. And be gentle with it, till it's completely healed. Glad you're cast-free, hope the rest of the season is great!

ewe are here said...

Hope your arm loosens up quickly!

Someday I'd like to learn to knit..
it's lovely yarn.

Happy New Year.

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