Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December 3

"The Shepherd's Carol"
by Bob Chilcott, and performed by
The Choir of St John's Church, Elora, Ontario.

Oh, my friends...

It has been an agonizing several days, as my brother and I struggle with the music players on this website. Please accept my sincerest apologies for the numerous failures and malfunctions over the past several days... I have put aside essays and lesson plans in order to try and solve this problem. Please, do keep me posted as to whether or not you are able to enjoy the music I have chosen for tonight. The player will display the Quicktime logo for a moment or two as it loads, so be patient... I am PRAYING that all will be well at your end.

We'll make this work.



Anonymous said...

It works, it works!!
Merry Christmas, sweet angel of advent.
The Mother of the Boy far Away

Nan said...

Beautiful! It's working! Real Christmas music. Your picture is lovely too... I had to SEARCH to find Christmas cards that weren't holly jolly old rudolph, but I finally found "Adoration of the Magi" by Gentile Da Fabriano. It looks like a collage!

Now you can go back to work. Thank you for keeping trying!

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