Monday, December 7, 2009

December 8

"The Fayrfax Carol"

A Tudor manuscript, set to music for
the 1997 "Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols"
by Thomas Adès, and performed by
The Choir of King's College, Cambridge.


Nan said...

Just beautiful!

Sometimes I have to reload your page to get the music to play... very strange. How is your Christmas season coming along? I was looking for you on Skype, but I can't remember your Skype name and there are many people with your name out there. (like me!)

We are all well, and not quite as busy as we have been for the past year. It's nice! We have time to colour pictures and watch DVDs for the first time in a looong while. I bet YOU are very busy, poor thing, but this too shall pass!

Candygirlflies said...

Hello, my dear!! Long time!!

So glad to hear that all is well. I am jealous of your English Christmas... Enjoy every, single blessed minute, and think of me!

Isn't this carol exquisite? The composer is a graduate of the college, and is now world-renowned. I can only imagine the truly haunting quality of the bell-like intonations, with the accoustics of the chapel on Christmas Eve. Although I have not been able to locate a copy of the lyrics (all I know is that they are based upon the Fayrfax Manuscript... I will keep looking, because now the challenge there!!) I have discovered that the carol foreshadows Christ's passion, which makes the music even more curious and fascinating to me.

Yes, I am frantically busy... this is the worst week thus far, in terms of work-load and stress. AND, to top is all off, MY MARY POPPINS HAS STREP THROAT. The poor thing feels like death, and I am concerned... My girlies and I are lost without her, and I am going out of my mind trying to re-shuffle all the child care, so that everyone is as happy as may be.

This too shall pass. Please keep reminding me of that.

My darling Scottish Gran used to say, "It's a greeeeeeat life, if ye don't weaken!!"

I have to be strong!!

xoxoxo CGF

Nan said...

I just emailed my cuz in Cambridge to see if he could help. We might go and visit during the Christmas holiday. AND hear the Choir in person. Might! Cross fingers! Looks like the holiday is getting packed with activities...

Hope Ms. Poppins gets well soon. How ever are you going to manage!! I know, hire a cleaning service if cleaning up is reaching crisis level! I just advised another friend to do that, and she was like, "OH my gosh, you are a genius!" We don't think of asking for professional help, do we, until we are completely overwhelmed!

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