Sunday, December 13, 2009

December 14

"Six White Boomers: Santa's Australian Run"
performed by the one and only Rolf Harris

Right, dear Aussie readers... please do not inundate me with hate-mail, because I love Rolf Harris... I am told by my cousins in Australia that this song is the next thing to blasphemy, but let me say this in my defence: this is PAY BACK for all the many, many years that Certain Relatives have telephoned me on Christmas Day from the beach, where they have been sunning and surfing and throwing something juicy on the barbie for their dinner, whilst the REST of us have been freezing our Canuck Arses off in about thirty squillion feet of snow.


Merry Christmas, you Guffs.


merinz said...

We can't quite manage the kangaroo run, but there will be sunshine, beaches and a midday barbie here!

Nan said...

Yeah, we're getting it from the West Indian Side! Sorry I missed your songs for the weekend, but I did find a great internet radio station:

Scroll down to "Religious Music" some of it is dreadful, but good for background music and singing along.

Suzanne said...

I quite like
six white boomers and live Rolf Harris.
I still have wonderful memories of the Rolf
Harris show in the 70s, when I was just a kid.
I do wish you'd send the snow this
way - I hate the heat (yeah it makes me an
odd Aussie).
All the best to you and yours for Christmas
and for a really fabulous 2010!

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