Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmastime's a-coming...

"Christmastime's a-coming",
performed by Canada's own Raffi

... And I know I'm going home.

I think.

People, I am in need of some SERIOUS cattle-prodding to get me revved up to pack suitcases today... And it might help if I actually attacked Mt. Washmore and ran laundry, beforehand.

This is the part of "holidays" that I always have the most difficulty with. You mothers out there all know what I'm talking about: The part where the effort to get ready for the holiday seems to by far outweigh the potential pleasures of actually being away.

As well as the laundry and packing, there's the small issue of shovelling out this midden (because nothing says "Happy New Year!" like coming home to a CLEAN house), preparing the menagerie of animals to be cared for in our absence, rounding up about a zillion library books to be returned before we leave, so as to avoid outrageous overdue fines... and oh... any number of other things. You'd think I'd have a list for all of this, but today, for the first time in my whole life, I'm literally flying by the seat of my pants. And definitely. NOT. "up".

We'll see what gets accomplished. We'll see. Right now, with snow steadily falling outside my window (we're expecting another 20 cm today... $#@*&!!!), the temptation is GREAT to throw a few logs on the fire, put my feet up, and knit the day away... I'm still working on that tiny, green sweater for Wee three, as well as ANOTHER Noro scarf (I. just. can't. stop.), some Noro socks (YES! They make sock yarn, too!!), and a pair of warm little matching hats for Child Number Two and Wee Three...

Don't get me started. Because you KNOW I'll plop my bottom down on that sofa, start juggling projects, and the next thing I know, it will be tomorrow...


There are a few things that are cheering me up this morning, though. The girlies have been up for hours, and when I came down this morning, I found a few little pre-Christmas gifts waiting for me. On the front of my dishwasher, spelled out in magnetic letters:

Child Number Two's work. Insert sound of my heart melting *here*

And on the kitchen table, I found this little masterpiece:

By Wee Three

Is this not fantastically expressive?! I just love watching the slow, steady evolution of my children's drawing skills. It is fascinating to see the free-hand "scribbles" gradually change into shapes, and take form as details are noticed and added to the work. All of a sudden, "Mr Blobby" sprouts arms and legs, hair... and then the subjects are placed within little environments, and a whole story develops.

Wee Three says that this is a picture of "Sisters"... And I'm wondering what all of you think of it? Can you imagine what the little characters are saying to one another? The possibilities are truly endless. And this has gotten me to thinking...

How about a little contest, here at "I Can Fly, Just Not Up"? I have been extremely fortunate to have received some lovely emails from several of my readers, recently. To me, there could be no greater Christmas gift than getting to know all of you. I value every, single comment, and the letters you send me are so gratifying. I try very hard to answer every one of them, and do so enjoy getting to know a little about you, your families and the places where you live. I would love it if you would email me with your ideas for a caption for Wee Three's "Sisters" drawing. And on Boxing Day (December 26th) I will post a list of my favourites, and announce the winning entry.

The winner will receive a gift in the mail from me: a box of the finest hand-made chocolate in the entire world, from Stratford, Ontario's own Chocolate Barr's. The mere thought of this candy makes my mouth water, and happy little endorphins bounce around in my brain... And in twenty-four short hours, I shall once again be in the same town as this magical, addictive emporium...

And if THAT'S not a good enough reason to get onto that laundry and filling up suitcases-- PRONTO-- I don't know what is.

Put your thinking caps on, and send me your entries by midnight, EST, on December 25th, to:

Good luck! I am so looking forward to your emails.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate every, single one of you.

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painted maypole said...

"did you hear that mum's giving away our chocolate?"

"Waaaaa....I'm taking my 'mum rocks' note off of the dishwasher!"

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