Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December 17

"O Christmas Tree"
played by Canada's very own
Oscar Peterson

bless his heart for making me love this tune again...

"...I have to do quite a bit of trimming
for it's Christmas Eve tonight
trim trinkles and drinkles and sklinkles of glass
Trim everything in sight

We hang everything on our Christmas tree
Ornaments big and bright
and all of these sparkling icicles
and twirling balls of white

I always hang a star on top
with angels in between
Here's how many lights we have--
Thirty-seven and sixteen...

Then I must lie down and smell the pine
and gaze at the Christmas star
Perchance to feel in these piney pine needles
just where
my presents are..."

--excerpt from "Eloise at Christmastime", by Kay Thompson
illustrated by the ingenious Hilary Knight

1 comment:

Nan said...

I played this for the boys this morning, and they all rushed off to pound on the keyboard. Introduction to jazz?

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