Monday, March 24, 2008

The Truth About Easter...

The very nicest thing about not having the hoardes-and-masses of "high-maintenance" guests visit us at Eastertime (and by that, I'm NOT referring to you, Brotherdear, YOU may visit whenever you like... xo), is that for four. solid. days. the five of us are free do do whatever the heck we want, for a change.

If we WANT to sit around in our pyjamas until three in the afternoon, well, then, we can. (And we did.)

If we WANT to eat chocolate for every, single meal, and deem a fistful of jellybeans to be a "vegetable" serving, well then, we can. (And hoo-boy, we sure did.)

And, if we WANT to postpone Easter Dinner on Sunday, in favour of doing something that is MUCH more fun than standing around and basting a big, fat ham hock for hours on end, well then, we can. (And we did.)

People, for Easter this year, we decided to try something a little different.

I call it "The Glorified Egg-Toss":

Yep, we rounded up the kids, and took them bowling.

And I have to confess, we had a blast.

Child Number Three even managed to hold her pants up long enough to roll that enormous "extra-small" bowling ball down that alley... slooowly..... slooooooooowly....... And occasionally, she even hit a few pins down.

Child Number One has bowled before. She wowed us by getting a few strikes, and improved her game tremendously over the course of the afternoon. Number Two was the star, though. She takes after her old mum, who spent more than a few weekends at the local bowling alley as a young teenager (BOWLING, of course... I surprised my husband by showing him how to put my "signature" back-spin on the ball. Yep, the old girl's still "got it"...)

Look at that form! And she's never even had a lesson.

By the time we got home, we had decided to put off our Big Meal until today. Because when you don't have company, you can just DO THAT. Just put it off!! And eat pizza and bowling-alley hotdogs, instead.

Yessir, it's been a great weekend. And after last week, we all really needed it. I think Child Number Two summed it up best, in the card she made for me at school:

Where do you suppose she gets this from??? Ahem.

Sweetiepie, you did more than Rock My Easter.

You and your sisters ROCK MY WORLD, Babe.

Every. Single. Day.


Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Bowling on Easter! FUN!
Happy Easter.

mrinz said...

Sounds like you had a happy relaxed easter! The way holidays and 'kids time' should be.

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