Friday, March 7, 2008


We are here.

And I simply cannot believe how beautiful it is.

We awoke this morning to brilliant sunshine, and the girlies and I dressed top-speed, and found our way down to the beach. We stopped for a moment, and relished the delicious feeling of warm-sand-between-the-toes... And then, were immediately awe-struck to find that the brilliant white sand STOPPED, suddenly, and gave way to this:

Miles and miles and MILES of beautiful sea-shells.

The girlies squealed, and we all dropped to our knees to scrabble through them, and pick out the most colourful, most unusual, and most perfect ones... I have for years read in story-books about little children building sand-castles on South-Sea islands, and decorating them with sea-shells, and TODAY... my girlies and I did just that.

It wasn't more than fifteen minutes before we saw our first dolphins, popping up **ker-splash!** out of the water to greet us. And where there are wild dolphins frolicking, it turns out, there are also flocks of greedy brown pelicans close behind, eager to get in on the feasting.

We chased little sandpipers, who went "wheeky-wheek-ing" ahead of us down the damp sand, little white egrets, and enormous herons...
The gardens appear to be in their pink-and-purple mode at the moment, and I am so eager to travel to the large wild-life preserve, where we will take a guided bird-watching walk, and learn more about the local trees and plants.

This island is a paradise... And for the next eight-and-a-half days, it is "ours". We simply cannot believe our great good fortune, and are drinking in every, single minute of enjoyment and relaxation. For the next precious eight-and-a-half days, everything will be about The Girlies... Their Daddy...

And Me.


Multi-tasking Mommy said...

WOW! Beautiful and FUN! Where are you???? I'm jealous ;)

painted maypole said...

oh, it's gorgeous! enjoy!

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