Monday, March 31, 2008


It's rainy, and nine degrees outside today.

Mud Season has officially begun!

Now 'splain to me this:



painted maypole said...

Toot! (or is that Puddle? i get them confused... my husband just thinks the names are bathroom humor...)

mrinz said...

I love the pics of the little pigs!

mrinz said...

I also love your choice of song for the day.

I can just imagine your brother playing it on the piano and everyone gathered around to sing it. Lends itself to serious silliness!

Candygirlflies said...

Oh, yes indeed, Mrinz!! As good little British-Canadian children, we were brought up to looooove the Serious Silliness of Flanders and Swann. We knew all of their albums by heart, but I have a particular fondness for "The Bestiary", especially "My Darling Armadillo" and "The Sloth". I'll see if I can find a few more selections for you!

We had a wonderful actor at Stratford for many years, named Graeme Campbell... He was born in Australia, but became one of our most beloved "honourary citizens". He had the most wonderful rich, deep voice, and every year at a special local fund-raising gala, he would stand up and sing a Flanders and Swann tune. He ALWAYS brought the house down, with a twinkle in his eye that you could see right from the very back of the house. The first time I ever saw him sing, he did "The Hippopotamus", but his most memorable performance was "Have Some Madeira, M'dear", which he sang a capella... Sadly, he died of cancer in the early 1990's. Our family (and indeed, our entire community) will never forget him.

Thanks for your comment, Mrinz!!

xo CGF

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Ooops! Where do you go to have it cleaned? Ours needs it desperately!!!

shauna said...

Love the graphic! (And I've been thinking the same thing about the kitchen floor--why mop when piles of dirty snow have melted and my children are determined to bring every last drop into the house).

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