Friday, November 30, 2012

One more sleep...

Can you believe it??  One more sleep till December...

And, every December for the past five years, what we have traditionally done here at "I Can Fly, Just Not Up" is turn the blog into a Musical Advent Calendar, to help lead us towards Christmas.

Well, here we go again, folks!

For year six, what I've decided to do is look back at the music we've shared over the past half-decade, and re-visit some of the pieces that I've particularly enjoyed.  It's been such a pleasure to hunt through the archives, and listen to selections that I haven't had the opportunity to hear for a long while.  In so doing, I've also come across a few new gems that we haven't had here before.  So, every so often, I'll include one of those in the mix!

I hope you'll join me every day, and give yourself the opportunity to step away from the hustle-and-bustle and general whirl-windiness of this, the busiest of seasons.  There is so much more to Christmas than what we are bombarded with in the media, and experience in crowded shopping centres...  With all of our overly-scheduled daily lives, it's so necessary to be conscious of taking time out for ourselves on a regular basis, to relax, reflect, and re-adjust our mindset.

I hope your daily visits here this month will help you do just that.

See you in the morning!

xoxo CGF

1 comment:

merinz said...

Thank you again for some beautiful music to enjoy. Your gift to us is much appreciated.

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