Monday, December 5, 2011

December 6

The Nativity with Adoration of the Shepherds
by Georgio Vasari, 1546

Tyrley, Tyrlow
Arranged by Peter Warlock
Performed by The Allegri Singers

About the field they pip├Ęd right,
So merrily the shepherds began to blow.
A-down from heaven that is so high.
Tyrley, tyrlow, tyrley, tyrlow, tyrley, tyrlow.

Of angels there came a company
With merry songs and melody,
The shepherds anon gan them aspy.
Tyrley, tyrlow …

The shepherds hied them to Bedlem
To see that blessed sun his beam.
And there they found that glorious leme.
Tyrley, tyrlow …

Now pray we to that meke child,
And to his mother that is so mild,
The which was never defiled.
Tyrley, tyrlow …

That we may come unto his bliss
Where joy shall never miss.
Then may we sing in Paradise.
Tyrley, tyrlow …

I pray you all that be here
For to sing and make good cheer
In the worship of God this year.
Tyrley, tyrlow …

Peter Warlock was a pseudonym of Philip Arnold Heseltine (30 October 1894 – 17 December 1930), an Anglo-Welsh composer and music critic. He used the pseudonym (and several others) when composing, and is now probably best known by this name. As Peter Warlock, he wrote arrangments for many lovely carols, including Adam Lay Ybounden and Bethlehem Down. The music for Tyrley, Tyrlow was written in 1922.

Warlock was greatly influenced by Renaissance poetry, and the lyrics to this carol date back to the middle of the fifteenth century.

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