Monday, March 26, 2007

Poems from the Dishwasher

We received a magnetic "poetry kit" from my brother several years ago... one of those little boxes filled with tiny magnetic squares with words printed on each one. We kept it carefully hidden on my eldest daughter's "precious shelf" for a number of years... basically until the youngest sibling was mature enough not to shove said magnetic squares into her mouth (or ears, or up her nose, for that matter). Now every little word is carefully secured to the front of our old, white Kenmore dishwasher, which chugs faithfully along in the heart of our kitchen. And, every day, my three daughters and I try to compose a poem. It's fascinating to watch little peoples' thought processes, especially when that little person is only six and just learning to read and write. My eldest's poems are usually full of humour. My poems are composed after choosing out words from the great muddle-- ones that jump out at me for whatever reason depending on what kind of mood I'm in-- and then stringing them all together into a thought. Here's what we've all come up with so far...

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