Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My achin' head...

There's a big storm coming our way. Soon. And no, I haven't been watching the weather network-- I have a headache. I am literally keeping the Advil people in business. Have been for years now... all it takes is a change in the barometric pressure, and my head is away to the races.

After talking to my women friends, I am amazed at how many of us suffer from this affliction. Is it just that we as women are more "in tune" with the world around us? Are we that incredibly intuitive without even realizing it? These past several days, as winter has been turning to spring, mounds of snow have been poured upon and turned into gritty, muddy sludge. The mothers of my neighbourhood have huddled in the school playground waiting for their children to emerge at 3.30... and almost all of them have had that same pained, hunched-over look, with the all-too-familliar furrow between the brows. Some even sport sun glasses in spite of the dark and drizzle. I swear, we women can feel it.

So this begs the question: Why don't women rule the Weather Channel? How come Environment Canada hasn't figured out this simple phenomenon? Think of the money that could be saved on barometers and other fancy-schmantzy equipment, if they would just put a woman in charge of writing down her headache patterns for the websites, radio reports and newspaper columns! Weather forecasting these days seems to be a guess at best-- educated or not-- and I honestly think that the Guy-in-Charge figures that if he tells us "Partly cloudy with a chance of showers!!", we'll just be damned grateful if it turns out to be sunny instead. What the hell, right? How smart can those viewers and readers really be? THEY don't have degrees in meteorology... and at least they'll have packed their umbrellas just in case!

I want the migraine report, not the weather report. Sponsored by Advil. And I swear to you, the forecasts would never be wrong again.

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