Thursday, July 12, 2012

Off to Gramma and Grampa's...

We're heading to Stratford this weekend, and it will be our first trip without my beloved purple fuzzy dice that have long swung from the rear-view mirror of the Loser Cruiser...  They finally gave up the ghost, faded and bedraggled as they were-- a tacky, yet invaluably useful symbol that branded the minivan as MINE in the parking lots filled with identical colours, makes and models.

However, as a little "happy birthday to ME" yesterday, I concocted a new-and-improved embellishment:  meet Tony and Jude, two baaaaad boys who, as the patron saints of lost things and hopeless causes, will hopefully help to steer me in the right direction for a few more years at least.

Drive on!

1 comment:

merinz said...

Tony and Jude have seven million cousins down under in NZ!

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