Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December 22

"The Star of Bethlehem"
watercolour, by Edward Burne-Jones
completed for the City of Birmingham in 1890,
to commemorate their new Museum and Art Gallery.

Star in the South
A Polish Carol, arranged by Malcolm Sargent
and performed by The Elora Festival Singers

Who can name that bright flame which the Wise Men saw that night?
What it some Godsent glow, or a splendid star we know?
Southward they sallied from Jerusalem:
What was the star stood over Bethlehem?

Star on the hilltop shining like a gem,
Are you the star that led to Bethlehem?

Low and high in the sky many lights amaze the eye:
All the days we must praise Him who made the heavens blaze.
Yet we believe some radiant stranger
Stood in the south above the manger.

Let us, then, troubled men, humble men and reverent,
See a spark in the dark; and salute the firmament,
For the same light that halted on the hill
Brightens the night of all the nations still.

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Ben said...

Thanks! These lyrics are hard to find! I just discovered this tune on a Naxos album and cannot stop listening to its understated beauty.

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